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Room Rehab is interested in publishing fiction and non-fiction by authors whose purpose is to introduce readers to alternative ways of looking at the world around us, and to provide perspectives that challenge the constraints inherent in the ways in which people are taught or conditioned to believe. Our purpose is to rehabilitate minds; to provide triggers that help break down the barriers that keep the human race on its present grim course.

If you have a work of fiction or non-fiction, or an article or paper that you might like to contribute to this space, please send an email message to: Rick@RARWRITER.com.  Likewise, if you have a book that addresses these same relevant issues and would like to promotion through this site, please contact us.







Did you ever wonder how America came to be such a strange place? ATWOOD-A Toiler's Weird Odyssey of Deliverance, including the epic poem "The Toiler" and artwork by Richard Padilla. Available at Amazon.com

Fantastic Fiction is a UK site that offers a tremendous range of speculative fiction, as well as author information and more.


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