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Welcome to Room Rehab, a literary space for rearranging minds

Change is upon is. It always is and always has been, but in the digital age change is coming at us in ways that are unprecedented in its power to render obsolete all of those things that we thought of as valuable only yesterday. It happens to things and it happens to people.  Whether we like it or not, or even recognize that it is happening, the rooms that we inhabit, the spaces in our lives, are evolving in fundamental ways.

Room Rehab is a literary website devoted to stories about how people recognize and cope with change in their personal lives and in their environments. The spaces we inhabit reflect who we are and tell us a great deal about our place within the world we help to create.

Presented here are a variety of stories - novellas, short stories, screenplays - that will be presented in serial form, with new chapters and story sections being introduced as they are developed.

Our hope, with Room Rehab, is to provide visions of what the world around us becoming - its current and future state realities - and ideas for how we might address our strangely evolving times.




Did you ever wonder how America came to be such a strange place? ATWOOD-A Toiler's Weird Odyssey of Deliverance, including the epic poem "The Toiler" and artwork by Richard Padilla. Available at Amazon.com

Fantastic Fiction is a UK site that offers a tremendous range of speculative fiction, as well as author information and more.


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December, 2013

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